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What Others in the Casual, Christ-Centered Yoga Community are Saying...


"Taylor's sweet spirit *and the holy spirit* radiates through all she does. I love all the regular communication, updates, and creative yoga opportunities she provides through her Patreon subscription. If you're looking for a new creative outlet for moving your body, this is it! 10/10 recommend!"

Amber Kairalla Andrew

"Yoga Moore is the perfect fit for me that I have always looked for! I love that Taylor's flows include some of everything: challenges, relaxation, new skills, breathing techniques, targeting muscle groups, leveled poses for many skill levels, flexibility work, and always focused on our creator. Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week now since that's the day I get a new Yoga Moore flow! To be able to go back and use all the flows with my subscription is a blessing. I recommend this affordable Christian yoga option to anyone that is looking to get moving and gain some quiet time on their mat with the Lord!"

Brooke Elder

"Yoga Moore has changed my quiet time routine! I love being able to worship the Lord through my movements. Taylor does such a good job of walking us through the poses and challenging our practice. My favorite thing has definitely been the live Zoom yoga during COVID-19, such a blessing to my day to be able to worship with other ladies through Yoga Moore. I thank the Lord for Taylor's heart to serve us!"

Chazlyn Alexander

"I have very little yoga experience, but thanks to Taylor's skillful and gentle teaching I am able to connect with my Creator in mind, body and Spirit in a whole new way."

Jamie Robertson

"Yoga Moore has provided me an avenue to actually enjoy stillness and quietness, Before this, I had never enjoyed yoga, but Taylor beautifully incorporates scripture, worship, and community to make this my favorite part of my week!"

Rose Maes

"Yoga Moore is not just a yoga space, but also somewhere I can come to be rooted in my faith and have designated time with my Creator. I have loved getting to worship while moving my body and learning how to meld these two things I love together."

Cameron Elder