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3 Tips For Teaching Yoga Online

2020…the year many of us were challenged with transitioning from in person classes to online classes, a whole different world! Since the beginning of COVID-19, I have tried many options for making online teaching professional and as easy as possible for my clients. Here are my top 3 tips for teaching yoga online.


1. Ribbon: Scheduling and Payment Platform

Ribbon gets my vote for the best platform to schedule classes, except payment, and manage and communicate with clients. Using Ribbon, you can create an event, add a Zoom link, and post the sign up link directly to your website for your clients to register, pay, and receive the Zoom link in email form from Ribbon. Clients can also rent your pre-recorded classes, buy access to your video library, and view your calendar to book private sessions. Create your instructor account and explore your own Ribbon dashboard here.

2. Waiver Electronic: Online Waiver System

Waiver Electronic is my go-to system for creating, collecting, and storing in-person and online liability waivers. Collecting a waiver from every student before class can get bulky. Using Waiver Electronic, you can send out the link to your waiver for clients to review and sign before arriving. Plus, you can easily search you stored waivers. Open an account to start creating or import your existing waiver here.

3. Quality Music Sound on Zoom: Advanced Screen-Share

Music makes a yoga class and simply talking to your screen while playing music in the background does not allow for quality sound. Have you been to a class like this? Painful. To ensure your client can hear you and hear clear music follow these steps:

1. Connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to your computer

2. Begin playing music from your computer using Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music

3. Click share screen

4. Navigate to the advanced tab

5. Select “music or computer sound only”

6. Talk into your headphones to teach the class as normal

I recommend trying this method on Zoom with a family member or friend before your first class to work out any kinks and practice getting the sound levels correct!


When it comes to making the switch to online teaching, don’t let yourself be intimidated! Use these tips and dive in. It will get easier and more comfortable, I promise.

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