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5 Tips For Yoga With Your Baby

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Yoga is such a sweet activity to do with your little one during his or her wake windows to bond and provide movement for mama and baby. Here are my favorite tips to make the time enjoyable and fun for both of you!

1. Pick baby's happiest time

Make your way to your yoga mat at a time when your baby is typically the happiest (and awake). For us, this is right after his 9am feeding!

2. Create a comfy spot for baby

Put down a blanket, Snuggle Me, or folded towel for your baby to be comfy and safe during your practice.

5. Change positions

Change your baby's position often to keep things exciting. My little one's favorites are: laying on his back on his bubble quilt for tabletop and downward dog, sitting on my knee during low lunge, resting with his back on my legs for bridge, and tummy time during savasana.

4. Hair play

Wear your hair in a ponytail and allow your little one to visually track your hair as you move into poses like downward dog and tabletop.

4. Counting

If doing an exercise multiple times, count out loud for your baby to enjoy. Great poses for this are bird dog and push-ups.

5. Make fun noises on an exhale

Just because you have your little one with you on your mat, does not mean that you have to forget about your intentional breath. As you exhale, make loud sounds that can be fun for baby (and a de-stress moment for mama too)!

GRACE for this new season of life...

Most of all, give yourself grace as you practice and HAVE FUN. If your baby gets fussy, leave your mat out and come back later in your day. If your body gets tired, leave your mat out and come back later in your day.

Check out more prenatal and postnatal yoga tips and enjoy over 45 full length practices with us as part of our "pay-what-you-can" monthly membership here:

For my personal favorite poses with baby boy, check out this Yoga Moore blog post "Best Yoga Poses To Practice With Your Baby:"

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