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5 Tips to Create Your At Home Yoga Space

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

An at home yoga space; one of those things that I dreamed of for years and years until I realized it wasn’t all that complicated! I didn’t have to have an entire room devoted to the space or spend a small fortune either. Little by little, I pieced together a space that allows me to be peaceful, find some quiet, and find my Creator. Here are my top 5 tips to create your own! 

1.  Choose your location (but don’t overthink it!) 

✺ A LITTLE GETAWAY – Is there a space in your home that has less foot-traffic, perhaps a space tucked in the corner, maybe even a spot where you could close a door if you're lucky? Find someplace where you can sneak in a little alone time. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a space where your mat can be permanently rolled out. My space actually doubles as our office, so I roll my mat up and tuck it in the corner when I am not using it! 

✺ LET THE LIGHT IN – Choose a space in your home near a window or other natural lighting. I love opening the window near my yoga space in the summer, feeling the breeze…really anything to avoid turning on the harsh lightbulb above. 

2.  Gather props

✺ BASIC IS PERFECT – I don’t have the room for tons and tons of yoga props, so here is what I deem essential: 2 yoga blocks (or big books), one yoga strap (or belt), and a blanket. Keep these props close by so that you don’t have to run to the next room when you need them! 

✺ ORGANIZED STORAGE, YES – Do you have an old basket or box laying around? Perfect. I actually use an old, black shoe rack from Walmart that was already in the donation pile. It fits horizontal rolled mats perfectly! I love to keep all of my yoga props in one place so that they are easy to find and don’t turn my peaceful space into a cluttered one!  

3.  All the smells

✺ JUST CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE – Are there any smells that bring you joy? Candles, essential oils? I love to light a candle before every practice, it reminds my brain “It's time to calm down now.” Test out a few different scents to see what you like. I use a wildflower scented candle because it reminds me of spring break as a child in Mesa, Arizona. 

4.  Add a few simple decorations 

✺ JUST A FEW IS KEY – I recommend against overloading your space with lots of decorations, it is too easy to feel cluttered and overwhelming! Remember, one of the whole goals here is to let go from the regular worries of life and enjoy time on your mat. 

✺ WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY HAPPY – Do you have a decoration that makes you smile when you look at it? Is it a piece of art, a picture of your dog or your family or the outdoors? For me, it's a plant and a wooden mountain range. 

5.  Keep it clean

✺ DE-CLUTTER – Remove any and all unnecessary things from the space.  

✺ SWEEP & DUST OFTEN – Huge tip here. If I keep my yoga space swept and dusted, then I am more inclined to gravitate towards that space when the rest of my house is messy! More yoga, yes please. 

✺ GRAB SOME CLEANER – I enjoy using simple, natural cleaners on my yoga mat. Think about it, your face touches this… I either make my own in a spray bottle using water, 2 drops of tea tree essential oil (antibacterial & anti-fungal), and 1 drop of lavender essential oil (antibacterial & yummy smelling) or grab some OxyVibes spray from Amazon. 

You know what the cool thing is? It's YOUR space. So really, just roll out your mat where you feel joy. For me, this is often outdoors too. Feel joyful and peaceful in your space? You are ready to start flowing. Check out Yoga Moore, LLC for some weekly online Christ-centered flows to add to your yoga and meditation routine:

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