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Best Yoga Poses To Practice With Your Baby

Yoga time with my little one has been one of my favorite activities during his awake windows as I take care of my body while also bonding with my sweet baby. Here is a look into our favorite poses to practice together and a few tips along the way!

Side Bends

Tip: as you switch sides, bicycle baby's legs to aid in digestion and provide them with some fun movement too!


Tip: an audible exhale is fun for baby and a great de-stressor for mama.

Downward dog

Tip: wear your hair in a ponytail to provide visual stimulation for baby.

Knee push ups

Tip: count your reps out loud to have some number practice with baby and kiss him or her at the bottom of your push up.

Low lunge

Tip: allow baby to sit on your knee for a fun change of position.

Yoga squat

Tip: allow baby to enjoy some movement by lifting him or her while you squat (plus, its a great strength builder for mama).

Seated bound angle

Tip: tickle baby's tummy.


Tip: place baby with his or her back against your thighs or hold them above your tummy.


Tip: sneak in some extra tummy time by placing baby face down on your chest. Be sure to continue holding onto your little one!

GRACE for this new season of life...

Most of all, give yourself grace as you practice and HAVE FUN. If your baby gets fussy, leave your mat out and come back later in your day. If your body gets tired, leave your mat out and come back later in your day.

We do have a 17 minute video available if you are looking for more instruction and a way to practice these poses live with me and baby boy! This can be accessed as part of the Yoga Moore "pay-what-you-can" membership:

For more tips, check out this Yoga Moore blog post "5 Tips for Yoga With Your Baby:"

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