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DIY Yoga Props

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

You want to know something I love about yoga? You don’t need anything fancy.

Here are my favorite “yoga props” that I just happen to have around my house (and I’m willing to bet you have them around, too). All of these enhance my practice and make yoga accessible for every different body, even me, as a tight hip gal.


1. A big book = a yoga block

Blocks are such an awesome way to advance your practice. Don’t have one? Just grab a big book from your shelf!

My favorite poses to use blocks in are triangle (pictured here), forward fold, pigeon, chair, half moon and supported bridge. Just so many good ones!

2. A belt = a yoga strap

Straps allow you to go deeper into your poses. Don’t have one? Head to your closet and grab a belt!

My favorite poses to bust out the strap for are cow face arms (pictured here), straight leg twists, and reclined hamstring stretch. Sign me uppppp.

3. A blanket or towel or pillow = a bolster

Bolsters are the besttt and great for supporting yourself to completely relax into a pose.

My favorite supported poses include any gentle heart opener (pictured here), supported child’s pose, supported bridge, and supine cobblers pose. Get ready to grab one of these props for a Yoga Moore restorative flow:

4. A wall

Gotta be honest. This is my favorite yoga prop. And so incredibly easy! How can you incorporate your wall into your next flow?

The wall enhances so many postures including shavasana (pictured here) and cobblers pose. You know what else? Using the wall is an inversion, which improves circulation, increases immunity and has been known to slow the aging process.

5. A chair

Also a winner! Grab a chair for your next yoga flow to make poses more accessible and to experience them in a fresh way.

My favorite chair poses are downward dog (pictured here), pigeon, goddess, warrior 1, and warrior 2!

Feel equipped and ready to take on your next yoga class? I sure do hope so! If you are looking for a class to learn how to use some of these props, check out Yoga Moore's on-demand, Christ-centered classes here:

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