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How to Make Common Yoga Poses Safe for Pregnancy

Hello! I am Taylor Moore, RYT 500 and a pregnant mama with my first kiddo. It can be intimidating, even as a yoga instructor, to approach the idea of prenatal yoga...

"Am I keeping my baby safe?"

"Does movement ever lead to miscarriage?"

"Are twists safe?"

"What changes do I need to make to my yoga practice?"

These are all questions I have been asked and asked myself as I navigate pregnancy for the first time. So today, we will be exploring modifications to common yoga poses to make them safe for your baby. This way, you can enter a typical, non-heated yoga class with confidence, even if it is not a prenatal class. Remember, you are the absolute best judge of your body so pay attention! If you feel and cramping or pain in the abdomen, take a break!

1. Pregnancy Safe Downward Dog

Downward dog (a huge personal favorite) is safest for baby when practiced with a wider stance than usual. So, take those pinky fingers and toes to the outside edge of your mat!

2. Pregnancy Safe Forward Fold

Forward fold can be easily made safe for pregnant mamas by keeping your stance a little wider to make more room for baby and by using a block to keep your back straight (a great best-practice for all).

3. Pregnancy Safe Child's Pose

Child's pose is safe for baby and mama! To make this pose more comfortable, place a block, towel, or stack your palms under your forehead to create more space to breathe and for baby!

4. Pregnancy Safe Seated Twist

To make your twists safe for baby, be sure to practice open twists (like this seated twist shown), avoiding any twist that compresses the abdomen. In all of our twists, pregnant or not, we are always looking for length in the spine! Keep this in mind.

5. Pregnancy Safe Standing Twist

When practicing a standing twist while pregnant, pay extra attention to keeping equal weight in both feet. Don't force your body to twist further than it wants to! Keep it natural.

6. Pregnancy Safe Chair Pose

Chair pose is most comfortably practiced during pregnancy with a wider stance than usual. Plus, make sure you can see your toes in front of your knees. Try taking your hands to your belly to connect with baby!

If you are interested in trying a prenatal class and getting even more tips, check out our online, Christ-centered options here:

I would be honored to walk through this exciting phase of life with you!

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