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Yoga for Cramps

That time of the month? Taking a moment on your yoga mat can help to relieve cramp pain. Give the following poses a try!

1. Reclined bound angle

Tip: place a yoga block (or big book) beneath both knees to relax in this pose for longer

2. Child's pose

Tip: come up on the tips of your fingers to press your hips back into your heels

3. Downward dog

Tip: inhale to lift your hips higher, exhale to ease your heels towards the mat

4. Gentle camel

Tip: reach your chest to the sky to boost your mood

5. Bow

Tip: actively press your feet into your hands to build thigh and shoulder strength in this pose

6. Legs up the wall

Tip: have your tailbone as close to the floor board as possible to enjoy a yummy hamstring stretch

I pray that these poses allow you to find a little comfort this month! Try a Yoga Moore on demand Christian yoga flow with me here:

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