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Yoga Poses to Improve Posture

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Are you slouching over a computer more than you'd like to admit lately? Yeah, me too. Enjoy these six yoga poses that help reverse the slouching pattern and improve your posture!

Mountain Pose

Stand firm and strong, have a slight bend in your knees, roll your shoulders down your back and rotate those pinkies forward.

Simple Twist

Pull your knee into your chest first (enjoy that stretch), let it fall where it may (no forcing, you can even prop with 2 blocks under your knee and ankle), keep both shoulder blades on your mat and BREATHE.

Broken Wing

Lay face down on your mat, take your arm out to a “T,” use your other hand to guide your body slowly onto your side, kickstand your top leg if it feels good.

Supported Fish

Set up two for your head and one for your spine between your shoulder blades, surrender and breathe, relaxing your shoulders towards the mat on your exhales.

Cow Face Arms

Grab a strap or a towel, keep your chest lifted and tall, breathe!

Supported Legs up the Wall

There are no walls in the forest...but find one, put a hip next to the wall, slowly swing your legs up, feel your sit bone press against your floorboard, place a block under your lower back, rest here as long as time allows!

Practice these six good posture yoga poses every day (or whenever your schedule allows!) to open your shoulders and improve your posture over time! Interested in a Christ-centered yoga class to guide you? Check out our pay-what-you-can monthly membership here:

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