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Yoga To Help You Wake Up

Yoga is an incredible way to wake up in the morning using breath and movement. Over the last few years, I have let my body freely move in the mornings and developed a simple flow that I am excited to share with you today! Try the following poses to set yourself up for a more focussed, energized day:

1. Deep breaths and prayer

Tips: use your inhale to sit up taller, remove any extra flesh to feel your sit bones against your mat, roll your shoulders back

2. Child’s pose

Tips: come up on the tips of your fingers to press your hips back into your keels

3. Cat & cow

Tips: use your breath to move you through the pose (inhale:cow, exhale:cat), start the movement at your tailbone and let it ripple through your spine

4. Upward dog

Tips: your thighs can be on or off the mat, maintain a tall and open chest

5. Downward dog

Tips: inhale to lift your hips higher, exhale to ease your heels towards the mat

6. Low lunge