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Yoga Moore Christian Yoga Series can now be purchased as a set! 

Once purchased, these videos can be watched again and again, making them a great gift or investment in your own health.

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This series contains:
✺ 12 guided 20-30 minute yoga flows
✺ 4 introduction videos to learn about restorative, yin, vinyasa, and power yoga
✺ Customized Spotify playlists for each flow

500 RYT Taylor Moore uses movement, breath, and scripture meditation to point to our Creator God through the beauty all around us. This series is filmed outdoors in beautiful Hesperus, Colorado. Watch the leaves change to a jaw-dropping bright yellow as the series progresses!

This series is great for all levels and features four different styles of yoga (restorative, yin, vinyasa flow, and power) so that you can get a taste of all Yoga Moore has to offer, try something new, and find exactly what your body and soul need!

View information about videos in this series here:

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Then the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person. -Genesis 2:7

Join 500 RYT Taylor Moore in learning about different pranayama (breath) techniques that can bring incredible benefits such as: stress relief, cooling or heating the body, strengthening the core, boosting the immune system, improving concentration and sleep, all while increasing lung capacity.

This series contains:
✺ 11, 30-minute vinyasa practices incorporating breath, movement, and Scripture mediation

Take these breath techniques off your mat and into your day!

View information about the videos in this series here:

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This series includes:

✺ 16, 30-minute Christian Yoga Flows

✺ A Names of God Spotify playlist to accompany yoga flows

Join Taylor Moore, RYT 500 and disciple of Jesus Christ to walk through 16 names of God found in the Bible, seeking to know Him and His character more.

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